Storage Wars “Railroad Roulette” S1E2 – Recap & Review

Located in Orange County, California, Westminister is known for the railroad that runs through the small city, dividing it into a nice side of town and the proverbial “other side of the tracks”.  Apparently storage units in the area are split the same way – you’ll either find something great or something that’s complete garbage.

Our buyers are all there to play in this episode of Storage Wars, and the smack talking begins quickly between the two seasoned pro’s Darrell and Dave, while young Jarrod is being “monitored” by wife Brandi this week so he doesn’t make any boneheaded bids.

Meanwhile veteran antique dealer Barry is feeling left out as the “new guy” on the storage auction scene.  So he cooks up the idea to bring along a friend of his who is a dwarf, fitting him out with a pair of stilts so that he can see past the heads of the other buyers scoping out the unit, as well as a pair of night vision goggles so that he can see back into the darkest corners.  (Despite these antics, Barry doesn’t really seem to get into the heads of his competition.)

The first unit comes up for sale, full of what looks like a lot of trash and something under a tarp.  Barry’s little person partner tells him he’s spotted something “curved and glass” which they think might be a big aquarium, and so the two bid against Jarrod and Dan (who’s in it solely to drive the price up), ultimately winning the unit for $850 … a pretty steep price to pay for nothing specific.

The second unit goes on the block.  It is absolutely packed full of stuff, to the point where you can’t really see what’s behind that front layer.  But in sheer volume alone, there’s got to be some profit waiting in there.  While Brandi declares it looks like mostly “crap”, her hubby Jarrod is tempted by the “mystery” of it all.  He makes a few bids (again run up by Dave) and takes the unit for $350, with his wife not too happy with the acquisition.

We cut back to Barry and partner digging out his unit.  Under the tarp, what they thought might be an aquarium turns out to be an old 60s era BMW Isetta, a front-opening European “micro-car” rarely seen in North America.  A visit to the top car expert at a nearby automotive museum confirms its origins, saying that even needing as much work as it does, the car is still worth up to $4,000.  So Barry’s $850 gamble pays off pretty well in the end.

And we’re not done with all the auction action yet.  A big 12’ x 25’ unit has just been opened up and it’s crammed with good quality restaurant equipment and appliances, a sight that sets several bidders’ mouths to watering.  Dave and Darrell both go after the unit hard but Dave’s got deeper pockets and takes it for $2,600.

By this time, Jarrod and Brandi have done their digging, with Brandi again complaining that “this unit sucks”.  A magnifying glass, bug spray, a small collection of porn, and suddenly what appears to be a Movado watch with a $950 price tag on it.  Hope rises until a visit to Jarrod’s buddy Mike, a jeweller, who reveals that it’s nothing but a cheap knock-off.  By the time the couple sell everything off, they squeak out a miserable $50 profit on their $350 unit which doesn’t begin to cover the time and effort they put into it.

Despite talking a big game and making a few bids, Darrell walked away totally empty-handed, saving his money for another day.

This week’s top buyer is, hands down, Dave Hester.  Once the contents of his unit have been emptied and lined up, he walks past each piece of restaurant equipment, itemizing its value.  In the end, his bid of $2,600 cooked up a profit of $19,000 … and bragging rights as this week’s “winner” on Storage Wars!