Meet The Hunters: Allen Haff and Clinton “Ton” Jones

Auction Hunters co-hosts Allen Haff and Clinton “Ton” Jones are two of the best prospectors in the storage unit auction business.  They combine the knowledge of the experts on Antiques Roadshow with the thirst for adventure of Indiana Jones.

Join us while we follow then on the hunt this year as they travel from auction to auction, bidding on units in the hope of finding that one “big score.”


Each “hunt” and each episode of Auction Hunters has three parts:

The Auction: Given only a brief glimpse inside the units before the auction begins, Allen and Ton have only a few minutes to estimate the value of the unit’s contents and decide how much they are willing to bid to beat out the competition.  Units can go for as little as a $1 or for thousands of dollars.

The Dig: The true monetary worth of the unit comes to light as the hunters begin to literally dig through the contents of the unit and assess every item’s value.  Sometimes they find nothing, but other times they unearth a veritable treasure trove of items for which prospective buyers around the country will pay top dollar.

The Sell: With valuable items in hand, Allen and Ton finally bring their finds to various experts to consult on their value, and then sell them to appropriate buyers and collectors from across the country.  If they at least double their money, they’re happy.  If not, there’s always the next auction!