Feb 62013

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Calling all Storage Auction Warriors!

What is it about storage auctions that has us so excited? Is it the thrill of outbidding someone else? The possibility of finding a priceless treasure? Or is it simply knowing that no two units will ever be the same?

Whatever it may be, we just can’t get enough of self-storage auctions and neither can Bid13.com Toronto Storage Auction!

The  battle ground for the Toronto Storage warriors is heating up on Bid13.com.

What we love about Bid13 is that they take you inside the storage units before you place your bid. Instead of the usual unclear storage photos we are used to seeing on online auction sites, Bid13 posts a hi-res video of every unit’s potential treasures.

The art collection in Unit 6115 and the mysterious piles of unopened boxes in Unit 2302 are already tingling the warriors’ spidey-senses (hopefully without any actual spiders).  Both units are currently bidding at  over $860 and $510 respectively and with less than a day left for each auction, we can’t wait to see how high the auctioneers will bid. With past auctions selling for as high as $3000, Bid13 has clearly caught the attention of  Toronto’s biggest storage auction hunters.

Get your credit cards and battle gear warriors!

Bid 13 is located at:
3715 Lake Shore Boulevard West
Toronto, M8W1P8
Ontario, Canada
(647) 427-2776

Happy bidding!

Aug 32011


Toronto Self Storage Auctions – Unit 656

End Date: 12th Aug 2011 12:08pm
Place Bids Online

Location: Storwell Mississauga Self Storage 2525 Royal Windsor Dr. Mississauga, ON L5J 1K9

Toronto Self Storage Auctions – Unit 5815

TV, Lawn Mower, BBQ, TV Stand, Other Bin of Stuff? Who knows what this unit could be hiding in that bin!?
See video here!

This Auction Ends On:08th Aug 2011 14:07

Location: Storwell Self Storage Scarborough 85 Executive Court, Scarborough, Ontario. Canada, M1S 5W9

Toronto Self Storage Auctions – Unit 6243

Two sweet bikes! One hardtail and one full suspension! See the pictures & video for more details here !

This Auction Ends On:10th Aug 2011 15:03pm

Location: Storwell Self Storage Scarborough 85 Executive Court, Scarborough, Ontario. Canada, M1S 5W9

Jun 62011

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Automatic Billing Trumps Discounting: Self-Storage Operators Increase Profit and Limit Delinquency

A recent article i read on inside self storage, i found it interesting, perhaps you will too:

With operators battling over every rental dollar, discounting has become a widely used marketing strategy in the self-storage industry. But “one month free” doesn’t have to be your facility’s calling card. Instead, adopting an automatic credit card payment program can reduce collection time, and increase occupancy and profit. Here’s how.

In 1987, my company built its first self-storage facility in the west end of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. As we were setting up the banking arrangements, I disagreed with our then bank manager over the legality of automatically charging customer credit cards.

In his opinion, transactions could be invalidated if there wasn’t a separate signature for each monthly charge. In weighing the pros and cons, we ultimately decided the risk of a customer trying to reverse the charges was far outweighed by the savings we’d achieve in collections. In the 23 years since, we’ve only had two such reversals out of the thousands of transactions we process monthly, both of which were resolved at minimal cost.

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